Some Great Tanning Products

Tanning products come in two categories, namely, indoors and outdoors. The most natural form of suntan is, of course, sun. Sun tanning normally requires a great deal of time and patience, and in some cases, strong finances (to head for that perfect tanning beach in Nicaragua). When coupled with the many physical hazards one might face in case of over exposure, from sun burn to skin cancer; this form of tanning is certainly losing preference with most people.

Man made tanning products, however, are already popular and increasingly becoming the favorite method of getting that perfect brown or golden skin which so many aspire for, and now get easily in the market without any extra investment of time or money. These methods can be used outdoors in the many tanning saloons or indoors amongst home comforts. The result is almost always satisfactory.

Outdoor tanning uses natural UVB and UVA rays in widely varying environments, and therefore, has different solutions for protection and tanning enhancements. The tanning takes place when the skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation and produces a protective pigment called melanin, which darkens the outer layers.

“Aa tan is in fact a sign that the skin has been damaged”. Outdoor tanning depends on certain factors which include solar elevation or the height of the sun in the sky which, in turn, depends on the time of the year, and the season; the latitude and altitude on which the intensity of the UV depends; atmospheric scattering, ground reflection which influence UV exposure, clouds and haze (clouds may decrease intensity of the UV rays). Outdoor tanning products include outdoor deep tanners, bronzers, after sun treatments, SPF lotions, burn relief, hair lighteners, tan extenders, and tanning oils.

Indoor tanning has several benefits as compared to outdoor tanning. It minimizes the risk of sunburn and teaches tanners how their particular skin type reacts to the sunlight and consequently avoids sunburn outdoors. Government regulated controls ensure safety, consistency, and optimal exposure. One of the main benefits of indoor tanning is that regular doses of ultraviolet light can be administered in a controlled environment according to your schedule.

From 1986, the Federal Performances Standards for tanning devices has covered and controlled many of the following aspects of indoor training such as timer control, protective eye wear, temperature control, electrical safety, protection from lamps, equipment access and support. All mentioned equipments and devices have been specifically made to make the customer as comfortable and satisfied as possible during tanning with respect to safety and also the end result. Some of the indoor tanning products in the market include, among others, indoor tanning lotions, tanning beds, tanning lamps, bronzers, and tans enhancers.

With several major cosmetic brands offering both quality indoor and outdoor tanning products, getting the perfect dark skin is easier than ever. The products are competent. They often come with great discounts which help with the economical-minded. But, indoor tanning should probably be the preferred mode of tanning owing to its safer attributes as compared to outdoor tanning. Whatever your choice, these products would certainly make tanning as convenient and easy as you like.