Mobile Airbrush tanning

Getting a tan is great fun! Then of course, you may not want an  unevenly tanned or a striped look.  It would make you look something like a zebra. It may be funny, but it is true. When you use tanning lotions, there is a possibility that you are not able to apply it all over your body.

Tanning by exposing yourself to either sunlight or artificial light, increases the risk of exposing yourself to harmful ultraviolet radiation and developing skin cancer.

Airbrush tanning is a convenient and safe method of getting a tan. It gives you fast results. You get an even tan without exposing yourself to harmful rays. Imagine being able to pick up a tan within the span of a couple of hours. Yes, mobile airbrush tanning makes this possible. This method has become a favorite with health spas, users and dermatologists.

Mobile Airbrush tanning devices contain a very high concentrate of Dihydroxyacetone or DHA, which reacts t with the amino acid present in the top layers of the skin. DHA is an absolutely safe and user-friendly product and has been in the industrial use for cosmetic manufacturing for more than three decades. The nozzle of the airbrush sprays just about the right proportion of air and lotion giving your skin an even tan.

Besides DHA, other ingredients are used in airbrush tanning formulations. These ingredients are very skin friendly. They do not just give you a tan, but also nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

When using such formulations, the only precaution that is to be taken, is to make sure that the formulation does not get into your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. It is highly recommended to wear protective gear when getting a spray on tan.