Know About Tanning Beds Parts

Tanning beds have become rather popular these days. To ensure proper and smooth operation of the tanning beds, all critical components or parts of a tanning bed should be regularly cleaned, maintained and repaired periodically.

What are the critical components of a tanning bed?

Let us take a look at a few of the components and the guidelines for their maintenance or replacement.

Bulbs- Ultraviolet lamps bulbs are the most important part of the tanning bed. These bulbs are made up of quartz. They emit a safe amount of ultraviolet radiation. Wolff, Cosmedico VHR, VLR, 9k9, and Voltarc are some of the brands of bulbs. Before you purchase a tanning bed, make sure that the bulbs are compatible with the bed. If possible, the life span of the bulb should be verified. For instance, the life span of the Wolf System Velocity sunlamps is 1000 hours.

Reflectors- To prevent UV radiations from emitting from the sides and the back of the lamps, reflectors are used in tanning beds. They are made of highly polished aluminum and in the shape of the letter W. The acrylic shields used to prevent heat burns from the UV lamp allow maximum amount of UV penetration. Over a period, the reflectors lose their transmissive property will be lost, and these need to be replaced at the right time. 

Internal cooling fans- Internal cooling fans are fitted in the tanning bed. These fans are used to minimize the temperature of the tanning bed. If the fans are not working properly, the bed equipment will get overheated and can easily wear out. Some models use squirrel cage or carriage fans.

Timer- Timer is another key component of tanning beds. It helps to limit the maximum time per tanning session. Basically, the time is set for 20 minutes. The type of timer differs from one model of tanning bed to another.  According to the FDA, all commercial tanning beds should have a timer with preset maximum time.