Indoor Tanning Products Enhance the Way You Look

Indoor tanning products are becoming increasingly  popular, especially with the fashion conscious and jet setting crowd. People prefer indoor tanning products because of the fact these products are convenient and safe to use. These products are manufactured by reputable names in the cosmetic industry and have been tested for safety.

Until recently, sun tanning has been a very popular option, as people preferred going on to the beach and getting a suntan. Recent research has proven that indiscriminate and over exposure to the sun may cause a number of skin related problems. Indoor tanning can provide a tan with a controlled environment and limited exposure to radiation.

There has been an explosive growth in tanning services and tanning booths providing these services. Indoor tanning products can generally be classified as tanning beds, lotions, spray tanning equipment and facial tanners.

Tanning beds are available in both commercial as well as domestic models. The commercial beds are for salons and are meant for heavy-duty use. A domestic version of the tanning bed is a scaled down version of the tanning bed that can be used conveniently at home. Imagine the sheer convenience of getting a tan in the privacy of your home.

Tanning lotions serve two purposes. The first purpose is to protect your skin and the second is to enhance the tan.  There are two kinds of tanning lotions. One kind is based on SPF formula and the other is based on DHA formula. The former has sunscreen protection to protect the skin from sunburn whereas the  latter kind has the ability to enhance your tan.

The lotions also moisturize the skin because moisturized skin is more receptive to a tan.  The lotions have a number of substances that provide nutrition to your skin.

The facial tanners are meant for facial tanning. This is a quick method of tanning that takes just 15 minutes to tan the face.

Spray tanning is an artificial method of tanning. A mist is sprayed from sprinklers in a tanning booth. The tan acquired is a very natural color. Spray tans last just for a few days and usually fade away in a period of 10 or so days.