Indoor Tanning Distributors

With the increasing demand of the tanning products such as tanning booths, facial tanners, tanning lotions, the indoor tanning distributor has started keeping a variety of models from which the customers can select.

The indoor tanning products are safe compared to a suntan and they provide the same ultra violet radiation that the sun does. The UV radiation is controlled in terms of intensity and duration. The radiation emitted by the tanning bulbs stimulates the melanocytes for releasing more melanin in the skin. The other supplements like lotions, tanning pills, tanning spray are meant to make the tanning experience safer and more enjoyable.

Indoor tanning distributors provide high quality equipment and supplies as they have a reputation to keep and a business to run. The company American & European Tanning & Wellness Inc is one of the most reputed of distributors.

The following are some of the popular models that are stocked by tanning distributors.

  i) Tropical Rayz Standard Frame Pro Model
 ii)  PerfectTAN BIG Frame Pro Model
 iii) Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds
 iv) SunQuest 14SE Wolff Tanning Beds
 v) SunStar ZX30
vi) Ovation series
vii) Wolf tanning beds

Distributors take into account the need of the customers and the market trends and stock the models appropriately.

There are other indoor tanning distributors such as Prosun, Suntan Supply and Sunco Tanning. They all keep the latest tanning products that are in demand and if you are intending to buy any tanning equipment, you can definitely contact any of these distributors.

These distributors provide you excellent service. They can be relied upon to provide you with quality products.