Get Indoor Tanning Products!

If you thought that the perfect tan can only come out of several visits to exotic beaches and locations, here's news for you! Tanning is no longer an outdoor activity, and has now moved indoors for your convenience. With no constraints for either time or affordability, you can just sit back, relax, and order a wide variety of indoor tanning products, from the comfort of your own home.

While there are several spas, which offer various methods of tanning, the side effects are less than desirable with conditions such as severe loss of moisture from the body, which could ultimately lead to more aggravated skin problems.

But, this can be easily addressed by tanning lotions that not only help with the tanning process, but also prevent moisture loss by miniaturization. What’s more, these products come highly recommended by the spa owners who maintain that, together with spa therapy, these lotions go a long way in ensuring the right amount of tan for your body.

The tanning lotions are designed to amplify the effects of ultraviolet by using ingredients which boost melanin (pigment) production of the skin or increasing the blood flow which brings melanin to the surface. Though a slight tingling may be experienced, after application of the product, the lotions are safe and normally use ingredients like tea, natural oils, and active melanin.

With most people using tanning beds, while applying the product, the lotions come with a light fragrance. The reason being in a close environment, the aroma of a tanning product is much more pronounced. With the right lotion, however, aromatherapy benefits can also be a part of the package. The lotions are not meant for outdoor use as they contain no SPF, and are designed to be used before or after tanning or as everyday moisturizers for people who like to tan frequently.

For those who like to tan without radiation, many salons now offer full body spray booth tanning. The color though normally fades within three to seven days. The color, however, is noticeably darkened with no blotches, smears or spots, and works particularly well with naturally dark skin. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the product also for external use. It, however, advises against inhaling the mist or getting it into the eyes, ears or any other openings.

With these products and several more in the market, the perfect tan you crave for is no longer elusive, and now can be obtained as and when you like it, without having to sit under the sun for long hours of boring tanning. From tanning to anti-aging to aromatherapy benefits, tanning products are truly the best selling products of the cosmetic world. In other words, you should probably go and get one- right now.