Finding Cheap Tanning Bed Bulbs

The tanning beds have become more and more popular because they only have two expenses that occur on regular basis – the electricity bill and the tanning bed bulbs. In this part we talk about the way to control your expenses on the bulbs. The bulbs are very expensive and if you have to purchase them at high prices on a regular basis, the total cost of ownership of the bed would go very high. It is therefore a must that you should find cheap tanning bulbs.

When you purchased the tanning bed, hopefully you would have chosen a model in which the tanning bulbs are easy to replace. If you picked up a bed which allows you to replace the bulbs yourself, so much the better. If you did not get such a bed, you would have to pay the technician to replace the bulbs.

The best place to start looking for cheap tanning bulbs is of course the Internet. There are a number of sellers on eBay who can sell you the tanning bed bulbs at affordable prices. If you are not able to get the bulbs from eBay, you may consider looking at portals and affiliate marketer websites who are dealing in these bulbs. They are also able to offer the bulbs at really cheap rates.

If you are unable to find the bulbs from the Internet, you must look in magazines and health related sections of newspapers. They are packed with advertisements of cheap sun tanning bed bulbs.

 You must keep in mind that purchasing cheap tanning bulbs is tantamount to compromising on quality.  Do not go for cheap tanning bulbs under any circumstances what so ever. These bulbs have a very short lifetime. Moreover these sun tanning bulbs might also not be radiation balanced. In such a case, they can cause immense damage to your skin.

After you have found the cheap sun tanning bulbs, it is recommended that you should place your order in bulk quantities in order to get extra discounts.  Whatever you do just be sure that bulbs are made by reputed manufacturers so that they do not go poof as soon as you plug them in and flick the switch.