Equipment for Your Tanning Salon

The tanning salons have become very popular all over the world. Being a product that is not affected by seasons, the tanning salons are a great business opportunity. You would not only be restricted to any one gender as all the people like to have a good tan on their skin.

Tanning salons offer tanning services as a package deal. This means that the client can come to the tanning salon and get a fixed number of tanning sessions. This is a coordinated system and f you are running a tanning salon, this system allows you to provide a wholesome tanning service to your clients. You are free to keep the prices of tanning packages and sessions according to your wish but if you want to run costly sessions, you would have t use better quality consumables and equipment.

When it comes to the tanning salon equipment, there are two types of tanning beds available in the market. this includes the traditional tanning beds and the stand up tanning booths. In the stand up tanning booths, theĀ  client has to stand upright in order to get a tan. Tanning bulbs are arranged behind a transparent glass in such a manner that the entire body of the client gets a uniform looking tan. These tanning booths come with cooling systems. The user can get a tan in session ranging between 5 to 20 minutes. They are available in big sizes so that any client can use it.

The other popular tanning salon equipment a tanning bed. These tanning beds are meant for the client to lie down in and get the tan. The tanning bed is made of steel. It has tanning bulbs with a wattage of 100 to 160 watts. The client lies down on the bed on a surface. The surface is made of glass. In the beds however the client gets tan on one side at a time and to tan the other side, he has to lie upside down on the bed.

Apart from this you would also require equipment and consumables like sunless tanning creams and lotions.