Different Sunless Tanning Methods To Choose From

The ways to get a skin tan can be divided in two types. There is the traditional sun based tanning. This is a long method and it is not available as and when the you want. This type of sun tanning is only possible if there is a lot of sunlight. The other type is sunless tanning. This is an artificial tanning method where the sun rays are simulated and  the skin tan created in a controlled environment.

While both the methods would work on your skin, but the layer of epidermis which is affected in a sun based tanning is not the one that is affected in a sunless tanning system. The sun tanning starts to effect from the lowest layers of the skin , the sunless tanning starts from the outer part of the skin. The sun based tan therefore takes long to appear, the sunless tanning methods are relatively faster.

The sunless tanning methods are very popular and are growing more popular because of a number of reasons. They are the cost, convenience, speed  and safety. There are four popular sunless tanning methods in the market. You can choose from sunless tanning lotions, sprays for sunless tanning, tanning beds and skin tanning pills.

All these four methods have their own special way to give you a skin tan. Naturally the results delivered by each of these sunless tanning methods are also different. The sunless  tanning beds can deliver the longest lasting skin tan. The tanning lotions and tanning sprays work on the outer layers of skin directly so the result of these methods can last as  much as a week. The tanning pills also deliver lasting tan because it saturates the fat layer below the skin.

When it comes to cost. the tanning beds are really expensive to purchase. You can use them in tanning salons for a small fee. All the other three options are very cheap than the tanning beds even if you use the beds at salons only.

But finally you must go for those sunless tanning methods which are the safest for you.