Change Your Personality with Indoor Tanning Beds

Tanning is a great way to add that healthy and sporty look to your personality. Imagine the sheer convenience of walking into a tanning saloon and walking out within 30 or so minutes after a complete image makeover. Yes, the tanning service industry has made that possible by providing tanning services not just to celebrities and the trendy crowd, but just about anybody who wishes to look good.

Tanning has come to be accepted by the masses and for good reasons.
1.  Tanning beds are designed and manufactured to prevent sunburns and overexposure to UV rays. The bulbs that are used do not emit UVB radiation, but only UVA radiation.

2.  One of the features of a tanning bed is the auto timer that shuts the system off after a pre-set interval, preventing over exposure to the body.

3.  A pair of especially designed and FDA approved goggles help to prevent damage to the eyes. These goggles are worn by the clients when they are using the tanning bed.

4.  The use of tanning beds maximizes the  benefits of UV radiation and  minimizes the risks associated with excessive UV radiation such as sunburn, rashes and skin cancer.

5.  Tanning beds are available both in a commercial and domestic configuration. There are various models that are usually available in the range of $1500 to $6000.

6.  The bulbs emit low intensity UV rays that are safe for the skin.

7.  The tanning beds give the same natural tanning results that are provided by sunlight in a clean, convenient, and comfortable environment.

8.  Indoor tanning lotions used at tanning booths are effective in preventing side effects of tanning like rashes, sunburn and help to prevent  penetration of UV rays, reducing the risk of any kind of skin disorder.

9. You can relax when you are using a tanning bed and even listen to music.

No matter what the critics may say, tanning is here to stay and is going to get increasingly popular.