Black Gold Tanning Spray

Black gold tanning spray is a sunless indoor tanning lotion from the Black Gold tanning spray company that gives dark tan to your skin. There are various lotions that fall under the Black gold tanning spray products with different features that aggravate the dark tan. The tanning lotions and sprays of today are results of bioengineering, to maximize the effects of tanning session and to increase the savor of tan. The indoor tanning lotions provide essential tanning nutrients to your skin. The ingredients in tanning lotions moisturize the skin to give a healthy and young look.

Sunscreen protection of halo dark tanning bronzer helps prevent sunburn. The sunless tanning lotions with the sufficient amount of sunburn protection formula (SPF) protect your skin from dermal diseases and sunburn. The product features of Black gold tanning spray are- they are energized with caffeine, tyrosine, DHA, and black walnut extract to give you the instant brown tan glow. Powerful skin hydrating formula ingredients include wine extracts, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, caffeine, green tea extract and vitamin E. Unique Silicone Emulsion promotes smoothness of the skin. You will be spellbound to see the glow and freshness of your skin, after you use the product. This wonderful halo tanning lotion will contribute in getting the darkest tan.